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Cash is scarce in the first few hours of GTA 5, and this page describes How to Make Money in GTA 5, including perfectly innocent ways, and straight up cheats. if you need a extra few dollars to afford that shiny Grenade Launcher or Super Heavy Armor, read on.

Lurk near the ATM

For fast cash, stake out an ATM with bare fists or a Suppressed Weapon. People who have just visited an ATM generally have a bit of cash in their pockets.

Grease them and escape before the cops arrive.

Small Time Shenanigans for Big Bucks

Money is very hard to come by in the first few hours of GTA 5. When you need money quick, consider one of GTA 5’s nineteen Robberies.

Convenience stores and corner markets are prime, soft targets for a stick up. Walk in, aim a gun at the cashier, grab the money, and escape before the cops arrive.

Stake out a few favorite stores and look for handy hiding places nearby. Park your Vehicle facing toward the street just outside the store. Grab the cash, hop into your ride, and scoot away to your alcove. By rotating between a few familiar stores you can pick up a decent bankroll.

Some stores have two registers. By firing your gun into the second register you can force more money to pop out. Be sure to wait until you’ve got all the money from the first register before shooting to avoid alerting bystanders with the sound of the gunshot.

Saving is Earning

Avoid the temptation to purchase Vehicles and Weapons you don’t need in the early sections of GTA 5. The ability to fill your newly-purchased economy-sized garage with custom rides is enticing, but every dollar you spare hijacking a sedan is a buck you’ll have available to buy things you really need.

Steal a couple of choice cars and store them in your home garage, and rely on theft for reliable transportation. Likewise, select four main Weapons, (short range, long range, sniper, heavy), that you favor, and stick with these until you complete your first Heist. And always prioritize weapon purchases over Vehicles. Weapons are far more scarce.

Complete The Jewel Store Job

There’s real money in the first Heist, enough to give you a hefty Stock Market bankroll. Use our Walkthrough to complete the Heist seamlessly, and remember that the most valuable Jewels are hidden in the center cabinets in the island near the register.

Be sure to hire the best available Crew on any Heist. They end up saving more than you spend on most occassions. 

Play the Market the Manipulative Way

Once you’ve built up a Jewel Store bankroll, multiply it with wise investment opportunities. Franklin’s series of assassination Missions are almost always tied to corporate sabotage and market rigging. Lester drops stock tips during Mission descriptions.

If you’re icing the CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical firm, invest in their competitor. And note that you can pause and check recent dialogue for the system menus if you miss anything!

Rob an Armored Truck

In the beginning hours of the game, one of the easiest ways to make money is to rob an armored vehicle. They appear as blips on the minimap while you are driving around. Take out the drivers, then shoot the back doors in the center by the handles to have it open. Collect the money, which is often worth over $5000, then escape the cops.

Money Saving Tips and Cheats

  • Ammu-Nation Discount:

If players complete all Gun Range challenges, they will receive a 25% discount at all Ammu-Nation stores.

  • Infinite Money Weapons Without Codes:

In certain areas around the map, weapons and chests can be found underwater. If you find one of these underwater items, pick it up then quickly save your game. Now reload and return to the same area and dive again and you will find the same item. Repeat as needed.

  • Free Weapon Upgrades:

During a mission, visit an Ammu-Nation and purchase a weapon and all upgrades. Kill yourself after and the mission will fail. This will give you all your money back, however if you visit the Ammu-Nation again, the upgrades on the weapon will still be marked as purchased.

  • Free Vehicle Repairs:

If you want to get out of fixing your vehicle, simply save your game and reload it. The vehicle will spawn back into the world fully repaired.

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